Friday, March 20, 2009

Roses on the Shelf

By Terri Clark

I figure there are two kinds of people in this world when it comes to roses. First there are those that love roses from afar. You know the type. Happy to receive a dozen long-stemmed beauties at the office on Valentine’s Day, they walk into your garden at the height of June, when the scent of the old-fashioned Madames could literally knock you off your feet, and saunter past without the slightest recognition or comment. The second type, once bitten by the rose bug, is smitten beyond recall and must know all and sundry information about them, generally becoming obsessed with a particular type of rose, e.g. old fashioned, climbers, hybrid-teas etc.

I of course, fall into the latter category and have been head-over-heels about old fashioned roses since my inaugural visit to the Vancouver Rose Society’s annual June rose show. It was the pervading old rose scent that first beguiled me, followed by their voluptuous blooms reminiscent of the finest Redoute painting or Fantin-Latour lithograph.

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