Monday, April 27, 2009

When Roses are a Mystery – Meet “Darlow’s Enigma”

Wondering about some of the newer roses on the block? Terri Clark has an interesting story about a mystery rose.. read more...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tamara Taggart CTV visits Select Roses!

Tamara & Brad

Tamara Taggart and her crew from CTV came to visit the rose farm. We spoke about rose planting, rose breeding, and some top rose pics for this area. Tamara loves to garden and was kind enough to mention the World Rose Convention and Festival, which is of course the reason for this blog!

The Convention and Festival will soon be here. If you haven't registered now is the time. If you haven't bought your ticket for a day at the festival, NOW is the time! Full details can be found on this blog.

This is a once in a lifetime Rose event to be held in the stunning new Vancouver Trade and Convention centre. It's time to tell your friends, tell your media contacts, facebook about it, twitter about it and most of all plan on being there!

If you want to order a "ROYAL CITY ROSE" you need to attend the Festival as we will be launching it to the general public there.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rose Convention Tours and Social Events open to the public

Great news! The daily tours and many of the social events offered as part of the World Rose Convention program are now open to the public to attend. Buy your tickets today!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vancouver Sun Feature on Royal City Rose

Here is another take on the "Royal City Rose". All very exciting!

Attendees will be treated to SenceNectar

SenceNectar is going to treat Rose Convention Attendees to a real treat - an elegant nectar, enjoyed regularly as a tea by Leonardo DaVinci, is a refreshing alternative to juice or soft drinks, or it can be mixed with them as well as with champagne, vodka, rum, gin, sake and many cordials. It will also be available at the Rose Festival!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Understanding Different Types of Roses

by Brenda Viney

Ever wondered what the difference was between an OGR and a modern rose was? And what is an OGR anyways... Read more...

Rose City Rose

"The City of New Westminster unveiled its own unique rose at a dedication ceremony at city hall on Monday. Officially named the "Royal City Rose," the hybrid flower was bred by Brad Jalbert of Select Roses in Langley" stated the Record, New Westminister's hometown newspaper....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let Roses take the place of Easter Lilies

by Terri Clark

As someone who seems honour-bound to tradition, you might find it curious that, as one decade gives way to the next, I find that a general “stir-up” on occasion to be just what the doctor ordered.
Since childhood the anticipation of the Easter holiday did not only include the excitement of annual delectable culinary treats like hot cross buns and the best of baked hams, but also the delivery of flowers cut and potted.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Look at the April Rose Garden

By Brenda Viney, Vancouver Rose Society Member

It’s been a tough winter for our gardens…semi-hardy shrubs and plants are not looking too healthy and may have to be replaced this year…and the same goes for some roses! The only things looking really good are all the spring bulbs just coming into flower now and many of the perennials I have growing along with my roses. Read more...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brad Jalberts Favorite Rose!

Over the years I have been asked countless times to name my favorite rose. That's a tough question since it can change depending on who's in flower. As years go by I have come to notice that one rose has left me aw stuck at every glance.

She is one of the first in her class to flower each summer and one of the last to finish. Her colours are dazzling,ever changing and simply can't be captured in photos or described with words. When it comes to fragrance, she is simply without equal. There isn't another rose on this earth that has her perfume, a blend of exotic sweet citrus.

She is strong growing, defiant of cold winters and seems to mesmerize everyone that sniffs her exotic scent. This beautiful wonder of the rose world is also the rose I have chosen to plant near my front porch were I enjoy my morning summer coffee with Elizabeth and Skye. ( cocker spaniels)

Rosemary Harkness is the love of my rose life and my most favorite rose of all.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Recent News on the World Rose Festival

Indulge Magazine filled its pages on Friday, April 3 with news on the World Rose Festival.

Brenda Viney, Festival Co-Chair, discusses her love of roses and all things rose.. Read on...

Betsy Dening, Michael Trudeau's Aunt, discusses how she came upon the rose now known as the Michael Trudeau Rose. Learn more..
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