Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brad Jalberts Favorite Rose!

Over the years I have been asked countless times to name my favorite rose. That's a tough question since it can change depending on who's in flower. As years go by I have come to notice that one rose has left me aw stuck at every glance.

She is one of the first in her class to flower each summer and one of the last to finish. Her colours are dazzling,ever changing and simply can't be captured in photos or described with words. When it comes to fragrance, she is simply without equal. There isn't another rose on this earth that has her perfume, a blend of exotic sweet citrus.

She is strong growing, defiant of cold winters and seems to mesmerize everyone that sniffs her exotic scent. This beautiful wonder of the rose world is also the rose I have chosen to plant near my front porch were I enjoy my morning summer coffee with Elizabeth and Skye. ( cocker spaniels)

Rosemary Harkness is the love of my rose life and my most favorite rose of all.

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