Friday, December 19, 2008

Name a Rose!

Have you ever wondered how roses get their names or wanted to name one after a loved one? Often referred to as one of the most unique gifts imaginable, having a rose named after someone is truly special way to immortalize a special person in your life. The process of having a rose named in itself is actually very simple. The real difficulty is in hybridizing a rose that's worthy of naming!

For Details on Rose Naming, visit the website of Select Roses at WWW.SELECTROSES.CA on rose naming to the left. You will find some pics of new Hybrids up for naming and information on the breeding and selection proccess.
I will be featuring some of my latest hybrids at the 2009 World Rose festival. You wont want to miss the Flower event of the year! Tickets for the World Rose festival would make excellent Holiday gifts.

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