Friday, December 5, 2008

Thomas Hobbs' Seasonal Rose Picks

From guest writer Terri Clark

Vancouver’s own garden guru, nurseryman and best selling author, Thomas Hobbs, revealed his rose-related roots in the floral trade when recently asked about holiday displays and gift ideas. Diligently multi-tasking in his super stylish gift store Hobbs, he rattled off his rose favourites for the festive season while expertly putting the finishing touches of imported ornaments on a divine copse of bare branches.

“If you are looking for a gift certificate of rose types my absolute no-fail favourites right now are the new shrub type roses from David Austin.” Pick number one is Rosa ‘Jude the Obscure’ .Even Thomas Hardy would have to agree that this medium yellow, highly fragrant and repeat bloomer fits the gift bill nicely whether in the hilly Dorset landscape or in a diminutive Vancouver garden. Rose selection two is called ‘Teasing Georgia’, a multi-petal, cupped flower that is a saffron yellow in the centre fading to the softest moonlight hues on the outer fringes. Strongly scented and a good grower, who could ask for more? “I sell thousands of roses every spring at my nursery Southlands and these two rose varieties fall into the no fail category and give great customer satisfaction.”

As for some old standards that have stood the test of time, Tom easily identified roses including the white Sally Holmes, Golden Wings and the deeply apricot coloured Leander.

And what does the famous Thomas Hobbs suggest for those of us wishing to create our own special “rose bowl” for the holiday table? “I would stick to a range of colours for interest such as salmon pinks mixed with coral oranges adding some artfully placed hypericum berries. Simple but beautiful, just like Nature itself.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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