Monday, December 8, 2008

Roses heading into Winter!

Brrrr! I just came in from the garden and for the first time this year I think winter is setting in. I know I know, but hey the roses get to have a much needed rest while the weary gardener gets to enjoy some fireside book reading. On that note, I wanted to show you a couple of my last roses for the 2008 season. I can't believe how some of these girls have held their late season blooms until early December! That is a true testament to the versatility of one of natures greatest plants.

"Dublin Bay", one of my long-time favorite red climbers, flowers from spring until well past frost! I have another photo to show you later that has Dublin Bay flowering with snow in the blossom. I think this is what they call a weather-proof rose! wink.

I'm pleased to see that Terri Clark, one of the guest writers of my blog, mentioned the wonderful David Austin rose "Jude The Obscure". I have to agree with Terri that she is a superb garden rose. My plant is still covered with thick green foliage and not a black-spot on a single leaf this late in the season! Its flowers are a distant memory but I can still smell her sweet lustful fragrance in the air. Gosh that is one nice garden plant!

This soft yellow rose is actually very orange during the normal growing season but in December this "Octoberfest" rose changes its hue. She is a super robust, easy-to-grow, plant and one you would just love if you enjoy cutting your roses. My 3 first year plants in the new bed grew about 4 feet tall in year one and produced over 40 roses each plant. Mom loves this one.

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wren said...

I'm so amazed by some of the varieties around town that seem to stare down winter (and sometimes win!).

My folks have three Robusta shrubs that they've trained to reach up over the half-sunk basement to the 1st floor balcony of their south-facing home, covering its wrought iron railing. They bloom incessantly -- rich, velvety, open-faced blossoms -- late into their Zone 4-5 autumn until heavy frost.

They're remarkably pest-free during summer too, with shiny, dark green leaves. But maybe that's the privilege of living in dry climes.

They were purchased at a now lost mail order nursery, and I haven't seen the variety readily available at local garden centres since. Bet Brad has them tho'!

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