Sunday, February 8, 2009

Julia Childs Wins more Awards!

I'm thrilled to see that Julia Childs, one of my most favorite and recommended roses has won yet more awards. This beautiful floribunda recently won the 2009 American Rose Society Membership choice award. Julia keeps racking up the awards from coast to coast, country to country. You will find this rose to be extremely healthy, bushy in habit, robust in growth and just an all around wonderful garden shrub. Her glossy foliage is dense making her one of those roses that looks good even when not in flower.

Ohhh but when she flowers, it's masses of golden yellow flowers that seem to have a slightly old fashion charm to them. The fragrance is very unusual a mix of anise and sweet tea. Every customer of ours just loves this rose! If you don't yet have a plant, get one! Heck get two or three she is worth planting a border or bed. You will also find her ideally suited for large containers and growing as a standard ( tree) rose.

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