Monday, February 23, 2009

Pruning Your Roses, simple easy basic steps

Pruning is a way of fine tuning and controlling the growth of your rose plants. It helps to reduce diseases, keeping the plant shape attractive and also regulates blooming. Proper pruning encourages the rose to make vigorous new shoots that will support larger flowers. Since we all want our roses to be healthy and produce abundant flowers, pruning should be a job you love and face with confidence!

Pruning your roses is simple and easy! Over my many years of rose growing, I have pruned tens of thousands of roses. I have also read countless articles on rose pruning and have come to the conclusion that some rose growers have too much time on their hands or just want to complicate a very simple task! No offence to long winded writers.

I have written a few suggestions on how I prune my roses, but remember these are only suggestions. If you ask a 100 people how to prune a rose bush, you will get a 101 different answers. One good thing to remember is that you’ll never kill a rose bush by pruning! Well almost never.... Learn more

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Jfklwn said...

To back up your statement, "we can't kill a rose by pruning it." I have a neighboring house that has been empty for the 2 years I have lived here. Last summer I couldn't help but take note of the many beautiful, and out of control, climbing roses in the yard. I wanted to rescue them as the house is waiting to be turn down. My wife and her mother would not allow it, and bought me some roses to keep me at bay. Not a week later the city came in a LEVELED everything to the ground. These 8' roses cut down to an inch!

Within a month shoots were coming out of the ground 2' high. I didn't hesitant to grab my shovel and over I went. They are going to take some TLC to get them into shape but I have two of them, and this spring the third is starting to look tempting

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